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March 2012

Franco-Moroccan cuisine. How to cook duck tajine with oranges and couscous salad. Сooking school "My Odessa Cuisine".

Lesson “Franco-Moroccan Cuisine”


Did you know that tagine is not only the name of the Moroccan cookware of a special form, but also the name of the dish that is prepared in it? For this lesson, chef Konstantin Rossoshenko and I prepared a menu that came to French cuisine from Morocco: duck tagine with oranges and couscous salad. But we decided to make a real French dessert and cooked crème brûlée. The chef taught us how to carve a duck and mix spices…

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Lasagna. Lesson "Tastes of Italy". Сooking school "My Odessa Cuisine".

Lesson “Tastes of Italy”


Italian cuisine is an endless source of inspiration. Easy-to-cook and tasty dishes first travelled outside Italy in the first half of the 20th century, along with Italian immigrants. Now Italian cuisine has become the most popular one in the world and, of course, the most popular cuisine in our cooking school. This time, chef Konstantin Rossoshenko decided to slightly change the lesson menu and, in addition to lasagne and Tuscan salad with goat cheese, we prepared a dessert with an…

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Secrets of Italian cuisine. How to make lasagna. Сooking school "My Odessa Cuisine".

Lesson “Secrets of Italian Cuisine”


After the winter holidays, we began a new school semester with the lesson “Tastes of Italy”. Unfortunately, a lot of people did not manage to get on our course "Fundamentals of Italian Cuisine", so we decided to continue our Italian classes to give everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the tastes and aromas of their beloved country. Chef Konstantin Rossoshenko taught us how to make lasagne, Tuscan salad with goat cheese, and chestnut pie by Ella Martino. We cooked…

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December 2011

How to cook dinner for mom. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson “Cooking for your beloved mother”


Our students loved our school so much that sometimes they even came to classes with their children, when there wasn’t anybody to leave them with. So we decided to have a lesson where children will be the main characters and will learn to cook dinner for their beloved mothers. Our chef Konstantin Rossoshenko came up with a special menu for this lesson with his son and daughter’s favourite dishes. Kids made pizza, nut cookies, natural and healthy homemade lemonade with…

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Lesson “Four Soups”. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson “Four Soups”


This was a very special lesson for our school. We held it for a company of friends on an active kitchen at the Stil Haus Gallery. The chef of the lesson was a very unusual person, whom everyone called Uncle Gosha. When uncle Gosha was a kid, he had an extraordinary hobby for a 7-year-old child - cooking. And uncle Gosha did not make sandwiches or chocolate salami, he made adult complex dishes, for example, a stuffed chicken neck. He…

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November 2011

Fundamentals of Italian Cuisine. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Course “Fundamentals of Italian Cuisine”


We decided to devote the first culinary course in our school to our beloved Italy. We launched our full course of Italian cuisine for beginners “Basi della Cucina Italiana”. It consisted of 8 lessons. The most popular food in the world is Italian, and at the same time it is tasty and simple - that is what we wanted to fully grasp ourselves and teach others. For 2 months, chef Konstantin Rossoshenko cooked, told and showed us the intricacies of…

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October 2011

Lesson “Italiano Vero”. Italian cuisine. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson “Italiano Vero”


We decided to introduce our students to real home Italian cuisine during the lesson Italiano Vero. And for this, we invited a special guest. Together with the chef Konstantin Rossoshenko during the lesson our friend Francesco, an Italian from Genoa, prepared and shared his family recipes. Genoa is the Italian sister city of Odessa. It is the city within the region where the juiciest basil grows and where pesto sauce was invented. During the lesson, we prepared pesto sauce, Caesar…

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How to cook pilaf. Uzbek Cuisine. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson “Uzbek Cuisine”


We’ve decided to have an Uzbek cuisine lesson not by chance: our chef Konstantin Rossoshenko worked for several years in the restaurant “Quince”, where he was taught to cook by a chef from Uzbekistan. Coming up with themes for lessons, we always focus on those dishes that inspire the chef. There was no doubt, we will prepare pilaf, samsa and pomegranate salad. We cook all the dishes together with chef so that not only our eyes can see the process,…

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September 2011

“Where France Meets Morocco”. How to cook Moroccan chicken. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson “Where France Meets Morocco”


During this lesson, for the first time in our school, we learnt about the influence Moroccan cuisine had on French cuisine and about such a dish as tagine. Chef Konstantin Rossoshenko decided to cook Moroccan chicken with couscous in tagine, and French crème brûlée for dessert. We, as always, cooked along with the chef, analysing each process in detail so that not only our eyes can see the process, but our hands will remember it also. That is why it…

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Lesson "Viva Italia!" with Konstantin Rossoshenko. Rosemary. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson “Viva Italia!”


We continued to get acquainted with the basics of Italian cuisine during the second lesson of our first "school year". This time chef Konstantin Rossoshenko decided to show us what else could be prepared from the pasta dough, which we made during the previous lesson. This time we cooked lasagna bolognese, cannelloni and, familiar to us all from childhood, but no less Italian for this, dessert - chocolate salami. In full accordance with the basic principle of our school, during…

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Pasta masterclass by Konstantin Rossoshenko. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Lesson «Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!»


We decided to start our “school year” with Italian cuisine for a reason: chef Konstantin Rossoshenko returned from a trip to Italy, where he learnt how to cook the most popular food in the world. When we are choosing topics for our lessons, we usually focus on those dishes that inspire the chef. There was no doubt we were going to learn how to make the basis of everything: pasta dough, pasta of various shapes and colours, classic pasta sauces…

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June 2008

Visit of the Famous French Chef David Tissot. Cooking classes in Odessa.

Visit of the Famous French Chef David Tissot


This modest young man, with radiant eyes (when I first saw his eyes, I thought that maybe that’s how Yury Gagarin looked at people when he returned from space :) well, somehow in a very real way) is just - David Tissot: ) The best chef of France in 2004 (Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2004), student of Paul Baucus, chef of the restaurant Les Terrasses de Lyon (France, Lyon). The restaurant is located on the roof of the five-star hotel…

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