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The most important tableware and home decor exhibition in the world – Ambiente in Frankfurt


The most important tableware and home decor exhibition in the world - Ambiente in Frankfurt

“The exhibition business is dying! Manufacturing companies want different events. Events where there will be more shopping experience, product involvement, loyalty and even brand dependency”- a voice behind me on the Frankfurt-London plane. A heated employee of a large corporation tried to have time to report to the boss the most important news and ideas about where to look for money now, before the flight attendant forced him to turn off the phone. The guy is clearly on the wave of what is happening in the world of material products. The situation is really not simple – there are more and more goods, their uniqueness is being eroded, rare manufacturers resisted the temptation to move production to Asian countries in order to reduce the cost and ensure annual growth in profitability. Should the goals be ambitious? Even if the brand is being driven to depreciation? Someone is still hiding the truth, someone is not ashamed to say “designed in France, made in China”. “Actually, only the Queen is still English, the rest is not made in England,” the sales manager of a company that owns five! iconic British brands says quietly in my ear. Generations of English people used them in their kitchens.

It is more and more difficult to navigate in the sea of ​​goods and brands. Shopping is increasingly turning from pleasure into an inevitable duty to dive into the commodity mountains in huge shopping centres that steal your life and, spending a lot of time, go away unsatisfied with the quality of what you found. It’s good when there are stores that carry out this “filtering” for you. Like the ProMenu network, for example. You usually go to such a store and want everything. And if there are none? I am writing because this has become my problem. Especially with a move to a country where demand requires a huge supply. I have to “buy at the stadiums”. And the solution for me was experts in various fields, whose opinion I trust or whose brands have not changed their values.

Having given over 10 years of my life to the tableware, I consider myself an expert and I am ready to help you make informed purchases that bring pleasure not only when you are carrying the package in your hands, but also when you use the purchase for a long time, and sometimes all life. Cookware is a heritage.

I will write a little about the brands that I love, I use myself and do not hesitate to recommend. And yes, I don’t write about it for money – only for love (here in the West, influencers usually indicate whether the post is advertising or not, so as not to forget to pay taxes on income).

The main trends in the world of tableware that caught my eye at this year’s exhibition. White and blue, copper madness, grandma’s dishes, flea market setting, jungle table, palm trees and aboriginal designs, ethnic motifs and natural colours, Nordic and Hygge, craftsmanship, healthy food and sustainability, coloured cutlery, gold and actualization of the old, “macro” – emphasis on the main thing, nothing superfluous.

Trendsetters have long been talking about the fact that even classic tableware stores will also be digitalized. It was clear that this would inevitably happen, it was not clear in what form. This year we saw ready-made solutions at the exhibition. Waketo Gmbh (Munich), together with renowned tableware manufacturers, demonstrated their Point of Experience. An electronic shelf can show you the entire range of a brand / category / product line, production history, simulate a serving, pick a recipe or create an emotion, and for this you no longer need huge retail space or inventory.

Many thanks to my Svetlana Vostrova for the photo report. Little sketches from the Ambiente exhibition.

Tableware and Home Decor Exhibition - Ambiente in Frankfurt

The main trends in the world of tableware - Ambiente in Frankfurt

Food blogger Maria Kalenska at the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt

Porcelain at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt

Trending tableware colors at Ambiente in Frankfurt

Small "sketches" from the Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt

The world's largest exhibition of tableware and home decor - Ambiente in Frankfurt

Meetings at the stand of the Ambiente tableware and decor exhibition in Frankfurt

Kitchen knives at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt

Embroidery machine at Ambiente

Main serving trends at the Frankfurt exhibition

Exquisite tableware from Versace at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt

"Sketches" from the Ambiente exhibition

Food blogger and influencer Maria Kalenska at the prestigious Ambiente exhibition in Frankfurt


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