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Online baking course “ALIVE BREAD”. Group three.

31.03.2021@20:00-21:00 EEST

Online baking course “ALIVE BREAD”

Maria Kalenska Online Cooking School invites you to a sourdough baking course with a Slovak baker and cookbook author @my.ko.la

Dear Friends! We want to teach you to bake bread. Real, sourdough, as our grandmothers baked. The bread that will live in your home. The bread that will become a family tradition. The bread that will create warmth and comfort at your home.

You definitely will learn how to bake bread, because Mykola is sure that anyone can learn it! We explain each step in a simple way. Together we create a starter for sourdough and teach you how to look after it. You learn the whole process of making sourdough bread and you understand that it is easy. We bake bread, baguettes, buns. We crunch a fragrant crust in the morning, cutting a freshly baked loaf. You constantly be in touch with a professional baker who will answer your questions and tell you the secrets of working with sourdough.

Last year has taught us to be different. It does not mean “worse”. We take a step forward, become better, learn new things, learn to bake tasty and healthy bread. Yes, useful! We immerse you in the world of bread, provide a lot of information about bread, including its benefits. We arrange a meeting with a nutritionist who will answer your questions and tell you why sourdough bread should be eaten.

Why our course?

  • You will save time – you do not need to study all the information about sourdough and bread all alone.
  • You are guaranteed to learn how to bake sourdough bread without endless experiments on your own.
  • You will learn how to bake bread like our grandmothers did: you will create family traditions.
  • You will stop eating store-bought bread and you will easily bake your homemade sourdough bread, that consists only of flour, water and salt.
  • The aroma of fresh baked bread, warmth and home coziness will settle in your home forever.
  • You will learn how to work with the starter from scratch, take care of it and understand all the processes.
  • You will be in touch with the professional who will answer all your questions and tell you the secrets of working with sourdough dough that he has got over the years of baking practice.
  • Among the students of the school, you will find new friends with common interests and values.

Why is Online course more convenient?

  • During the “offline” workshop you are shown how to bake in someone’s kitchen, and in our online course you will get results in your own one.
  • Online school means non stop communication with our baker, you can ask questions personally in WhatsApp at each lesson.
  • You can redo the home work as many times as you like, you always have time to fix it, and we are here for you to fix errors.
  • Zoom lessons are recorded and will be saved online, so you can watch it any number of times and at any convenient time.
  • You can bake bread at a time convenient for you, without haste and with pleasure!

Course duration: from 31 March to 5 May

Classes: every Wednesday at 6 p.m. London time.*

* What if I have missed a class?
Access to video recording of Zoom-lessons is provided immediately after the end of the lesson.

Class duration: 1 hour.

Round-the-clock informational support in WhatsApp in Russian: Mykola will answer your questions, send instructing videos and other information that is necessary for your work before lessons and in the process of baking the bread.

Access to Zoom lessons: 24/7 and for life time

Gift for Students: time-proven recipes and sourdough starter from @vanessakimbell.

Number of students in the group: 8

Course program:

Lesson 1. Sourdough. Important knowledge and techniques of preparation.

Lesson 2. Vermont bread. Success is guaranteed.

Lesson 3. 100% Rye bread. Taste of traditions.

Lesson 4. Focaccia. A space for creativity.

Lesson 5. Sourdough baguettes. Easy to make.

Lesson 6. Scandinavian baking – it’s all about Hygge & Fika

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Here you can view the work of our students.

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