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Food tours to Bessarabia: Ukraine, that is worth discovering


Food tours to Bessarabia: Ukraine, that is worth discovering.

At school, I especially hated the first week of September. We had to write an essay on the topic: “How I spent the summer.” From year to year, my summer looked like this: sitting by the window and looking out at an empty playground, and reading the same books over and over. I had nothing to write in the essay. And I didn’t know how to invent.

I could not help but fly back home. Although flying in the era of the coronavirus is more for those whose motto in life is “madness and courage.” Tests, certificates, masks, police permits, distances, and total discomfort.

I could not help but fly back home. Behind Oleksandr Baron and I, are our partners from the project Wine and Taste Road of Ukrainian Bessarabia. We convinced them that the character, soulfulness and energy they put into their life’s work will impress the most sophisticated tourist.

I could not help but fly back: we were entrusted with their holiday by the most interesting people who are usually not in Ukraine during summer. For example, the guest of our tour was @elenahappysoul, a famous travel blogger who has visited 85 countries. And, despite this, Bessarabia was able to surprise her. Emotions and pleasure beyond the expectations of our guests put an end to the question of whether we are on the right path. Not only for us, but also for our partners.

And now I can fly away. With peace of mind and plans for the future. And with a huge amount of material for an essay on the topic: “How I spent my summer.”

Would you like to be a guest of our tour? More info here

To be continued…


Picturesque Bessarabia - food tours with pleasure

Bessarabian cuisine - gastronomic pleasures

Food tours to Bessarabia - a warm welcome

Fish dishes of Bessarabian cuisine

Bessarabian wines are famous all over the world

A friendly company at a food tour around Bessarabia

Food tour to Bessarabia with musical accompaniment

Picturesque Bessarabia - carts with donkeys

Bessarabian flocks

Rich harvest of Bessarabian vineyards

Vineyards of Bessarabia - food tour

Winery in Bessarabia

Group excursion to the Bessarabian winery

Food tour to Bessarabia - new discoveries

Warm summer evening in Bessarabia

Gifts of Bessarabian vineyards

Food tour to Bessarabia - at the apiary

Famous cheeses of Bessarabia

Food tours to Bessarabia - local herbs

Food tour to Bessarabia - a place for grazing flocks

Farewell to Bessarabia - the food tour was a success!

Summer evening in Bessarabia - sunset over the river


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